Oops…meant to post this a couple days ago.

So I was distracted by the cross country road trip with my husband and didn’t post as much in the last few days as I had planned.

One thing I have been using a lot is my account on thisMoment.com, and I have to say I am just more and more impressed with the site. It is easy to update from wherever, by email you can post moments, video and pictures just like that. I am really hoping they come out with an iPhone app for the thing and then it will be perfect.

It has a great timeline feature, where you can follow a person’s timeline on a trip or through an event. There is a comment feature and places to comment. I really would suggest checking it out. I actually used it way more than Twitter during our cross country roadtrip.

To me the difference between the two is that thisMoment is a place to actually record those little moments (like staying in the smallest hotel room in South Dakota) to remember them later or share them with other people…and you can say more than 140 characters. Twitter is still the fastest way to transmit quick clips and information…thisMoment is where you can share things in more depth and store memories.

I recently was linked to Posterous, and wasn’t nearly as impressed. It is just another blog site. Unlike thisMoment, I do not see anything really new or inspiring about this site.

The last time I posted about thisMoment, I mentioned that I thought it might be a good site for the Coast Guard to try out. Here is how I see that working, if someone was underway…say on their first patrol to the Arctic, or doing ATON work, the story could be followed in the neat small clips and pictures that thisMoment allows. Instead of using Flickr, Twitter, and trying to come up with huge long blog entries they could post as much or as little as they want with simple emails. Using the email system would also be helpful because it can be a real bear trying to load a webpage when on a boat. This way if the person is just too busy or too tired to write anything really long they could simply say “Reached the ice today!” add a small picture attachment and hit send…there done, story told!

The easier the better!


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