Sail across the Atlantic in a WHAT?!

I have been taking a bit of a break on writing because I had been traveling cross country with my husband on a PCS move. Having a little more time I figured I would discuss a few things that have caught my attention recently, starting with this guy who thinks he built the ultimate boat and is going to do something that is arrogant, and protentially fatally stupid with it.

I saw this article on talking about a man (Ralph Brown) who is planning the Atlantic Ocean in a 21-foot fishing boat designed for shallow water. I poked around a little more and just…Wow.

Alright a bunch things crossed my mind, none of them very polite. First of course was “Are you f-ing insane??” People much more prepared in boats made for crossing the ocean get into trouble out there and this guy thinks that he is going to do it in a boat that is made to not go offshore at all? He claims it is unsinkable. Okay, fine. It won’t sink…but who cares if it sinks or not when it can get swamped easily and off you go. (Besides, if huge cruiseliners aren’t unsinkable coughTitaniccough neither are you buddy.)

The Coast Guard side of me, well words fail me. It looks like it will be doing a lot of the journey up the coast with a bunch of stops, but still…Um. Wow? (and that’s not a WOW! I just got a free candy bar wow, that’s wow dear god did you just run over a chihuahua with a lawn mower wow.)

I scoured the article and poked around online…I see no reference of a boat following these guys if they get in trouble. Which means that with what they are doing, which is completely dangerous, could end up costing them their lives at worst (and risk the lives of people trying to rescue them). At best they would get swamped and call for help to be rescued after costing the tax payers (and whatever AMVER vessel has to pick them up) a lot of money. If someone sees something showing that they are going to be taking another boat to back them up, let me know.

This trip is a LITTLE different than going from South Carolina to Bermuda (which is what their site claims they have already done.

Seriously? The Queen of England and the President wouldn’t endorse this one, check out the article on Oh hey, look at that, he designed the boat…but he claimed  “the stunt isn’t simply about proving the seaworthiness of the boat he designed, patented and built.” Listen I am all for doing things for those who serve our country, but come on this is ridiculous and little more than a publicity stunt for his boat building business.

Unwavering patriotism? Trying to raise 3 million by doing this? I am sorry, but this leaves me a little skeptical. IF they manage to do it, their company would stand to make a lot of money on the sales and publicity. I plan to follow this story and see how it turns out.

I do hope that nothing bad happens to him or his brother on this journey, but this sounds like the beginning of a story they would tell us at SAR school.


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