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An aside- follow up to Iran post

Remember how I mentioned Neda and posted her video a couple days ago talking about Iran and how they were reported to be building one of the most advanced internet firewalls yet? Seems a firewall isn’t enough as reports are now that Neda’s family has been kicked out of their home and her body was buried without their knowledge and the proper rights.


If Iran was trying to make the world forget about her, that was completely the wrong way to do it…if this story in the Guardian is true they just made her a bigger martyr.

Their actions are violent, their burial of Neda was disrespectful to her family, and their firewall might be mighty I still argue is too little too late…you can’t unspill the blood that has splashed in the eyes of millions around the world. When Iran suddenly goes silent, Neda and others killed in the conflict will still be dying over and over in full view of the world.


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